Venus of Venice A Strange Tale of Tofu and Sweet Southern Iced Tea. In the 1990’s, long before vegetarianism was hip, before vegan was a commonly known word, before yoga was a “lifestyle” and when the words “Raw Foodist” were reserved for a dude in a loin cloth who had recently returned from the high […]

It was a bright sunny Tuesday in April of 1996 when I got the call. “Sam Donaldson wants to interview you!” My attorney said excitedly. “I’m not doing any more of those freakin interviews and besides who’s Sam Donaldson?” I said in the most cocky tony imaginable . A fax came through just then on […]

1996 Was a fun year. Here is an interview I did on Seattle’s Town meeting talk show. Watch how uncomfortable I get when Dr.Herbert compares Herbal Ecstacy to Cocaine. I love guys named Herbert, they are hard to find these days.

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” No death, just change” Native American Saying My good friend Wally transitioned in 2004. Wally was a brilliant soul.Despite a challenging life filled with struggle he did something that very few people do: Think for himself! Before he passed away I interviewed him on film with just one question: “If you went to the […]

I stepped out of wholefoods with $149.39 of nicely packaged yet remarkably overpriced organic goods. This had become a ritual in days past. The aestheically pleasing checkout lady smiled as she grabbed my Amex card. My card was worn and tattered from the hundreds of swipes on their machines and now had to be run […]

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Nunchuck Kid When I was at the ripe old age of 14 I decided I would become the next Bruce Lee or Jean Claude van Dame. I rented every Kung Fu movie I could get my hands on and while all the other kids were doing “normal” kid things I was practicing my “Nunchuck skills”. […]

Very rarely do I find a large corporation whose products can only be classified as indispensable. Vogel is one of those companies. Their products are based on the formulas of master herbalist Alfred Vogel. A Pioneer in Natural Health,Alfred Vogel was a naturopath, herbalist and nutritional therapist, a tireless researcher, a gifted communicator and a […]