Those that accept the paranormal without question are destined for disappointment. Most “supernatural” events have a logical explanation. A few do not. You cheat yourself when you don’t question . It’s only when you pose questions and challenges to what your mind does not understand that you can begin to see beyond and into the […]

Robots, Life Rage And A Curious Case of Chocolate Chip Cookies We have all heard of road rage. But how about life rage? It’s the feeling that disconnects us all from one and other. It’s 9 am and the mega-corporate video store opens . It’s empty. It’s a time when the employees organize and check […]

Cool film with an inspiring message. For the price of a latte ($4.95), you can watch it online. It’s a good investment.

Herbal Ecstacy Commercial Here is a national commercial for Herbal Ecstacy that we aired in all 50 states and worldwide in 32 countries including Japan and Australia. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

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Hollywood has succeeded in creating another massive budget feature that offers the promise of an Occult Metaphysical thriller but delivers a typical formulaic slobber that is neither metaphysical, occult and to be totally blunt, not really much of a thriller either.Recipe:1 Part aging A-list male white lead actor1 Part aging A-list male white lead director1 […]

The Vapir was one of my funnest inventions ever! Problem was, so few people understood it. I got a call from Regis in 2002. His tech guy Leo Laporte (the CNBC tech guru) wanted to demo the Vapir product live on air ! I love this video. Its almost as if he is viewing an […]

When his daughter gets mindlessly kidnapped into sexual slavery, Liam Neilson goes on a mission to rescues pure white women. Uh, well, sort of. These women are sold by “evil” poor Muslims to even more “evil” rich Muslims. The rich “evil” Muslims are wearing bad eye makeup, Austin Power’s attire and addicted to lounging on […]

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Video Surveillance Cameras Inside Movie Theaters Just watched Wolverine at a local westside theatre . While watching the film I noticed something that wasn’t there before: a little black box with a tiny red LED that panned the movie theatre. It was a low light video surveilance system put in place by an unmarked data […]