The author of my Lonely Planet travel guide would be mad at me. I should have been going to museums and taking part in the typical tourist fare. The thing is I just couldn’t bring myself to walk into another stuffy museum and be surrounded by tourists touting how wonderful the “art” and “culture” is […]

Go nuclear and save the earth. There is something rejuvenating about being in the mountains at night amongst the trees. They are ancient and have been here since the beginning. In the darkness of the night they are silent. They stand tall and give us shelter, protection, warmth and oxygen. Humans are however cutting them […]

Fear peddlers try to sell the big lie. South America is on fire with Swine Flu fear. But is is just an epidemic of the mind? On planes, in shops, in airports and most public places you will see the infamous masks. On the plane I met a man from Doctor’s Without Borders. He was […]