Go nuclear and save the earth.

Go nuclear and save the earth.

There is something rejuvenating about being in the mountains at night amongst the trees. They are ancient and have been here since the beginning. In the darkness of the night they are silent. They stand tall and give us shelter, protection, warmth and oxygen. Humans are however cutting them down at a record pace.

But if they could talk, what would they say?

Forget about any of that hippie dippy stuff. Everything we know about saving the environment is wrong! According to James Lovelock, the father of the “Gaia theory”, the “green” opposition to atomic power is senseless and it may already be too late to save the earth.

Our only hope may be the building of new nuclear power stations. By delaying the building of these power stations we are increasing the burden of carbon dioxide (C02) the Earth has to bear; nuclear is the only large-scale energy source that is emissions free.

According to many global warming experts at the rate the environment is degrading it will not be possible to cure it using eco-remedies such as solar panels, wind turbines and biofuels. This is why Lovelock recommends instead the possibly more appropriate medicine of nuclear energy. Sad but true, at the rate we are going, nuclear energy may be the only known power source that can save us.

Forget about meditating your planet green or buying solar panels on ebay…buy an Amazon Kindle e-reader (it’s a miracle) and watch loads of movies, docs and audio books instead. Laptops, e-books, iphones, blackberries, mobile phones and ipods are good for the trees. The more they do for us and the less we have to travel the more energy we save. The more technology advances, the more we can use this same poison that made us sick to cure us. The Aztecs have stopped using trees years ago. We should too.
I stopped buying paper books and paper goods wherever I can. I have 1,000 books on my kindle and more to come. The tables will soon turn. Unknowingly technology and corporations will end up helping us save the trees if they like it or not.


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