Avatar : A Shamanic Journey
Is Hollywood capitalizing from Shamanism?

Swine flu in South America?
On the plane I met a man from Doctor’s Without Borders. He was a surgeon. Neither him nor any of his people were wearing masks. I asked him why he wasn’t afraid.

Every so often we look for guidance on our journeys. Since I was 16 I have been using the Celtic Runes as a meditation and form of introspection when all else fails.

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Here is an article from The London Observer April 1997 . To this day I consider this one of the few “fair” articles written on me at the time. The Willy Wonka Of Generation X He’s made $350 million from selling safe, legal drugs. Is Shaahin Cheyene a con man or a hero? By Sam […]

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Medicine Man Ehekateotl will be in Los Angeles from May 28th – June 7th. We will be doing 1 film screening with Q & A after, healing ceremonies, private treatments, a traditional sweat lodge and 2 talks. Anyone who may be interested please email darkZess@gmail.com and visit http://www.darkZess.com/

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