“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Steve Jobs Just watched awesome doc on advertising and branding! Exceptionally well made! Art and Copy


Greenpeace Rebrands BP

Greenpeace climbers scaled the front of BP’s corporate headquarters in London to brand them with a logo that better suits their dirty business. We think their logo needs a makeover to better suit a company that invests in tar sands and other unconventional oil sources like deep water oil.

The question is are you living life fully or just fully being lived by life?

Coolest Site Ever Teaches You How To Commit DIY Facebook Suicide!

Trusting Facebook is like trusting a hungry monkey to not eat a ripe banana . Take control of your online identity and your assets. Secure your information. Take control back from Facebook.

Intention is critical to outcome. Charles Grobb, M.D. The late author Carlos Castaneda said that it was Don Juan’s goal to make him into a “man of knowledge. “According to Don Juan, a man of knowledge is one of “unbending intent.” A person on the Path of Power without intention is like a boat without […]

9 DAYS Take time to review your own dogmas. Eating, drinking, sleeping, and breathing are the areas that you will turn to when focusing on the physical. If you are vegetarian, eat a small amount of non-vegetarian foods. Eat small amounts of non-organic foods and produce. Drink some tap water. If you are allergic to […]

Ehekateotl at Mystic Journey Bookstore In Venice Monday 5/31/2010 7PM AZTEC MEDICINE MAN  FROM MEXICO SPEAKS ON  2012 AND THE AZTEC WAY OF POWER FREE EVENT MITKLAN EHEKATEOTL KUAUHTLINXAN is the medicine man featured in the film Serpent and the Sun: Tales of an Aztec Apprentice . He is the carrier of the word for […]

Simplicity Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. – Leonardo Da Vinci Darkness is simplicity. Complication is a trick of the light. The journey through The Darkness can be a powerful one. Simplicity is a powerful tool of the warrior. It is required to find your way. In The Darkness there is just black, nothing more, just […]