American Indian Sacred Herbal Cigarettes

As a supporter of Serpent And The Sun, I just wanted to take a minute and let you know about an amazing opportunity to try something rare and extraordinary.

We recently produced a run of organic and tobacco-free herbal cigarettes to be used in a Hollywood Film. However, we have a few hundred cartons of these herbal cigarettes left that we want to offer to our supporters.

The 100% natural herbal cigarettes are a traditional American Indian blend that also utilize some sacred Aztec plant medicines. They contain no tobacco or nicotine whatsoever. They contain traditional medicinal herbs and extracts.

These tobacco free and nicotine free herbal cigarettes are produced on an American Indian reservation by an American Indian Tribe.

As a supporter of herbal medicines, we are letting you know about this first. Once these are gone they will not be produced again , so this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to try this sacred blend.

Here is a link to where you can try them . Please pass it on to anyone who you know. They are awesome for those who are trying to quit smoking but just haven’t found a way.

To order visit []

This is the same blend that many Shamans use in various tribes for the sacred properties of the herbs.

To research herbal cigarettes here are some links and further information on herbal cigarettes:
Herbal cigarettes (also called tobacco-free cigarettes or nicotine-free cigarettes) are cigarettes that either do not contain any tobacco, or do contain tobacco but are composed of other herbs as well. There are several popular brands of such cigarettes, usually containing a mixture of different herbs and/or other plant material. Like herbal smokeless tobacco, they are often used as a substitute for standard tobacco products (primarily cigarettes), and many times as a tobacco cessation aid. Those that contain no tobacco at all are also used in acting scenes by performers who are non-smokers, or — as is becoming increasingly common — where anti-smoking legislation prohibits the use of tobacco in public spaces.

== Brands ==
*American Spirit Herbal Cigarettes
* NIRDOSH Herbal Cigaratte
* NIRDOSH Herbal Dhoompan
* NIRDOSH Herbal Filter Dhoompan
* Arkopharma (Arkopharma)
* Benjamins
* Ecstacy (Melrose)
* Guocao
* Han Cao
* Herbal Gold
* Herbala (Carica)
* Herbalette
* Honeyrose
* Honeysuckle
* Jambi
* Jieyanling
* Magic
* Nirdosh
* NosmoQ
* NTB (Arkopharma)
* Quism
* Smoke Free
* Stop-A-Habit (Carica)
* Thai Gong Herb
* American Indian
* [[Bagasse|Soex]]
=== Discontinued brands ===
* Herbal Dreams
* Smokin Joe’s Herbal Gold

== Brands ==
* NIRDOSH Herbal Cigaratte* NIRDOSH Herbal Dhoompan* NIRDOSH Herbal Filter Dhoompan * Arkopharma (Arkopharma)* Benjamins* Ecstacy (Melrose)* Guocao* Han Cao* Herbal Gold* Herbala (Carica)* Herbalette* Honeyrose* Honeysuckle* Jambi* Jieyanling* Magic* Nirdosh* NosmoQ* NTB (Arkopharma)* Quism* Smoke Free* Stop-A-Habit (Carica)* Thai Gong Herb* American Indian * [[Bagasse|Soex]]
=== Discontinued,wholesale and closeout brands ===
* Herbal Dreams* Smokin Joe’s Herbal Gold

Companies I Would Not Reccomend:

Government Information on Quitting Smoking

Here is a great article on quit smoking and how Hollywood Movies use herbal cigarettes in their films:

Here are the ingredients:

Sage Leaf

Rosemary Leaf

Catnip  Catnip Leaf

Mullein  Leaf

Yerba  Maté Leaf

Coltsfoot Leaf

Motherwort  Herb

Scullcap Herb

Damiana Leaf

Wormwood  Herb

Red Clover Leaf



Basil Leaf

Spearmint Leaf



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