Have you ever thought about the food you take and its effects on your intelligence? Do not surprise. Recent studies and research show that quality of food you take affects your intelligence. Especially, this research is carried over growing children and found that IQ (Intelligence Quotient) of children taking fast food is less than children […]

The human brain is an amazing combination of powerful calculating and manipulating abilities and control center delicate emotions, thoughts and imaginations.  That is why; when you think about brain health, it is not just the health of physical organ but all the actions, reactions and chemical balances within it to have a complete fitness of […]

Smoking is an extremely addictive and dangerous habit, which can prove to be fatal in the long term. Hundreds of thousands of people die every year due to the ill effects of smoking tobacco. Studies show that one out of every two smokers die from this habit. In addition, a disconcertingly large number of people […]

A healthy mind in a healthy body surely leads to a lively experience and healthy life indeed. For maintaining mental health and physical health, one needs to take care of proper nutrition. The secret of sharp mind and fit body lies in smart food you take. When you think about mental health, it is very […]

Numerous studies about a human brain have discovered many facts and truths about it. These researchers revealed that a brain needs different nutrients in order to function better. The deficiency of any of its essential nutrients can reflect in certain disorders, ailments or health problems. These findings were further studied to explore various brain essentials, […]

Now It’s Easy To Build Muscles And Burn Fats Are you worried due to excessive body fats? Do you want to build muscles? Bulgy body fats are very stubborn that you cannot reduce easily by controlling your diet or with a general exercise routine. Similarly, building muscles is not so simple and needs a lot […]

It is well known that smoking is dangerous to health. This warning is labeled on all cigaretteproducts. But in the wide range of cigarette products available in the market, if you arelooking for safe smoking alternatives, certainly herbal cigarettes come at the top of the list.There are many other reasons as herbal cigarettes are getting […]