Cigarette Smoking And Social Life

In social life, one is expected to be well behaved and mannered in order to be a good citizen. We need to follow certain norms to be a part of our society. However, some habits like cigarette smoking can disturb or affect many surrounding people and can irritate them. It is not just restricted to it, but its major health threats are very dangerous even for those who breathe second hand smoke or become passive smoker despite of their consent.

 Many researches and studies revealed effects of tobacco on human health and millions of people smoking tobacco are dying because of tobacco. According to the U.S Surgeon General’s 2010 report, 443,000 people die because of smoking related illnesses. While indirect medical expenses imposed by tobacco smoking estimated around 96 billion dollars. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) reports that the smoking affects productivity estimating loss of around 97 billion dollars every year.

 Most of the educational institutes, universities are incorporating tobacco free environment policies banning tobacco products in their campus. Cigarette smoking affects social life in numerous ways. Teenagers enjoying a puff may suffer from different issues including tougher relations with their parents, as parents do not approve smoking. People who do not smoke avoid smokers because of many reasons like allergies of smoke, irritating smell of smoking, suffocation because of secondhand smoke and health threats of tobacco. Many marital relations disturb or break because of smoking habits.

At work, smokers need to take frequent breaks and it affects their productivity and performance. If they are smoking in the workplace, it becomes unbearable to surrounding co-workers or subordinates. Sometimes, severe addiction even results in clashes at work, losing jobs etc. These are some examples of the effects of smoking in social life. There are many such instances that adversely affect on social life of smokers.

Today, all threats of tobacco smoking are known. The list of harsh effects of tobacco smoking is endless as it decays every organ and internal systems including the immune system. Smokers are at higher risks of different types of cancers including throat cancer, lung cancer. Tobacco smoking also imposes risks of respiratory illnesses like asthma,  cardiovascular diseases. Even smoking during pregnancy affects babies significantly, showing lower birth weights, ear infections, lung problems and asthma.

Unlike other addictions or habits, tobacco smoking is one such addiction or habit that affects not only smokers but on all its surrounding people directly/ indirectly. That is why; ban on tobacco smoking in public places is imposed in many states and it is spreading everywhere in the view of health issues of all. Quitting smoking habits can certainly improve social life quality and build a healthy society free from tobacco effects.


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