Healthy Diet- The Key To Enhance Your Brain Health

You might have seen the difference between the people in 30’s and the people in their 50’s, it is not with all of them who are in their 50’s but they tend to forget things. How do we avoid this and keep our brain agile and active? All we have to do is change the pattern of our diet and the amount of supplement we take to enhance the health of our brain.

Diet and functioning of the human brain

Our brain is a like a computer responsible for almost all the action we take. It needs certain nutrients to carry out its functions properly. It might weigh 2% or 3% of our body weight but takes up to 40% nutrient of our body. It needs oxygen as well as continuous supply of blood. There are number of things, which need to be considered in order to maintain the health of the brain and avoid its damage.

Most of us do not understand the role of neurotransmitters in helping our brain to function properly and if they do not operate properly, it diminishes the capacity of the brain to function. There are people even in their 80’s and past their 90’s but have the capacity to memorize things, so it should not be associated with growing age. Research indicates accumulation of mercury may slow down the functioning of our brain. Aluminum is also responsible for causing brain damage. It is better to consult health care practitioner in order understand the amount of nutrients required on a daily basis and exercise to maintain the agility of your brain.

Nourish your brain with a healthy diet-

Fats too play an important role to maintain the health of your brain, but at the same time we need to understand even though our diet is full of supplement, there has to be a balance while taking supplement. It should not disturb the balance, either of this may affect your brain functioning, you make a list of eatables which provide fat or may consult health care practitioner. Remember,

  • Our brain needs omega3 fatty acids for good health.
  • The phospholipids which are found in egg yolks are also important for brain.
  • Protein supply is the necessary material to our body to produce neurotransmitters.
  • Vitamins play important role in proper functioning of a brain.

There are number of supplement available in the market which will help you to reduce the deficit of nutrients needed for good brain health, all you have to do is consult nutritionist or dietician before starting the consumption of such supplement.

There are number of websites available giving you information on, what diet should be adopted in order to maintain and improve the health of your brain. By making certain changes in your diet you may experience dramatic changes in brain functioning. We have to keep on providing fertilizer in order to nourish brain health or else it might not be as agile as it should be. As we get older, the memory becomes weak; it also reduces the capacity of our concentration and reduces brain agility.


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