Taking Steps Towards Tobacco Smoking Free Environment

The shocking stats of effects of tobacco smoking enforced many organizations, universities and government bodies to start tobacco free environment movement imposing laws about it. Tobacco smoking lessens the average life of the smoker by 10 to 15 years depending on the smoking habits and longevity. If tobacco smoking is stopped before the middle age, researches revealed that risk of harmful diseases like cancers, diabetes, heart attack are minimized and the person gains ten years of extra life. A tobacco free movement is growing rapidly.

Especially almost all universities in the United States are promoting tobacco free policy. Thus, smoke-breaks in the study sessions will be tougher for students who smoke. They will find fewer places where they can light up cigarettes in university campus or surrounding areas. Recently, George Washington University and American Universities have pledged for fully smoke free campus in 2013. According to their new policies announced on 15th November 2012, smoking is banned on campus pushing smokers to public sidewalks. American University will ban all tobacco products on campus.

George Washington Hatchet reports that it has started offering incentives who promised to stop smoking. As these two universities joined with a list of many local universities banning tobacco smoking, it is becoming harder for smoking students. University of Maryland has already announced in this summer that it would impose ban on smoking from 2013. Smoking is also banned in D.C. bars, restaurants, buildings and other private areas, businesses that can keep smokers lighting up cigarettes 25 feet away from their entrances.

Even in Indiana State, post secondary institutions, colleges and universities have banned tobacco smoking. According to a recent release by assistant vice chancellor for advancement/university relations, to discourage tobacco smoking, universities can charge fine $50 per incident on smokers.

These tobacco smoking bans are imposed to ensure tobacco-smoke free environment where students/ people can work, learn and study without fears of risks associated with tobacco smoking. Certainly this will enforce tobacco smokers to think seriously about their addiction. Moreover, these bans can help to increase awareness about tobacco threats among people, tobacco smokers.

All these anti-tobacco policies in colleges, universities and different places can help to lessen tobacco consumption or enforce smokers to change their habits. Some might try to find different tobacco free smoke alternatives to attain tobacco-free policies. Electronic cigarettes or tobacco free cigarette
products can be preferred or promoted through these policies. Whatever may be its effects in the future, but it is certainly a good sign and step to decline tobacco consumption and tobacco smoke free environment.


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