Correlation Between Vitamins And Brain Function

Deficiency of protein, amino acid, minerals or certain vitamins may slow down the growth of your brain and it will become weak sooner than later. You should know which vitamins you need and their amount in your diet.

Important Vitamins for your brain health-

Whey protein powder contains amino acid which is absorbed in your body and helps to create neurotransmitters. The usefulness of antioxidants like green tea cannot be neglected as it promotes brain health. The awareness of antioxidants, herbs, vitamins and proteins will help you to boost brain function. There are certain juices like Goji juice reported to be beneficial to abate depression and help memory.

  • B6 is responsible for generating neurotransmitters so we should we know what vitamin is to be taken to accelerate the growth of neurotransmitters in our diet.
  • Lack of neurotransmitters may affect your thinking as well as your memory, consumption of vitamin C is also studied by the dietician around the world and they discovered that it helps to maintain the growth of our brain and recommended its use in our diet on a daily basis.
  • Lack of vitamin B12 can also impair the functioning of our brain as it is responsible for formation of new blood cells.

Concentrate on food you consume-

  • Food we consume plays important role in boosting our brain function.
  • Fruits like cherries, peaches they are a good agent of aluminum so you should increase the intake of such fruits in your diet.
  • Combination of leafy vegetables and fruit will young your brain and extend its agility, whatever you have make sure that it does contain mercury in small amount.
  • Alcohol is responsible for damaging the storage of vitamin B in our body, cut down or stay away from cigarettes as they too contain mercury which is affecting the performance your brain.

All this will help you to nourish your brain only if you help your diet with exercise recommended by the health care practitioner. Vitamin deficiency is also responsible for damaging the health of our brain and its balance in our body very crucial.

Vitamin supplements for brain health

The amount of vitamins and supplement you take has to be supervised by the dietician otherwise it might have adverse effect on your brain. There is a limit of what vitamins you include in your body as its digestion is also very important. The vitamins and proteins stimulate your brain cells. Before you start consumption of any product designed to stimulate your brain health consult healthcare professional as it might be designed as per the age and the work you do. As we know our brain needs continuous supply of oxygen and blood, its circulation can only be maintained through exercise. Any kind of trauma, stress and depression can adversely affect the performance of our brain.

We should know that they brain will shrink as we age but regular exercise and a right kind of a diet will help to slow down the rate of shrinkage. Apart from this your approach and willingness to maintain and improve the functioning of your brain health plays vital role in brain enhancement.


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