“Trick to Money” Author Stuart Wilde Dies Suddenly   Here is some rare footage from the promo for the “Warriors in the Mist” seminars:     Stay tuned for the remainder of story.    

You might have seen the difference between the people in 30’s and the people in their 50’s, it is not with all of them who are in their 50’s but they tend to forget things. How do we avoid this and keep our brain agile and active? All we have to do is change the […]

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In social life, one is expected to be well behaved and mannered in order to be a good citizen. We need to follow certain norms to be a part of our society. However, some habits like cigarette smoking can disturb or affect many surrounding people and can irritate them. It is not just restricted to […]

The shocking stats of effects of tobacco smoking enforced many organizations, universities and government bodies to start tobacco free environment movement imposing laws about it. Tobacco smoking lessens the average life of the smoker by 10 to 15 years depending on the smoking habits and longevity. If tobacco smoking is stopped before the middle age, […]

Have you ever thought about the food you take and its effects on your intelligence? Do not surprise. Recent studies and research show that quality of food you take affects your intelligence. Especially, this research is carried over growing children and found that IQ (Intelligence Quotient) of children taking fast food is less than children […]

Smoking is an extremely addictive and dangerous habit, which can prove to be fatal in the long term. Hundreds of thousands of people die every year due to the ill effects of smoking tobacco. Studies show that one out of every two smokers die from this habit. In addition, a disconcertingly large number of people […]

A healthy mind in a healthy body surely leads to a lively experience and healthy life indeed. For maintaining mental health and physical health, one needs to take care of proper nutrition. The secret of sharp mind and fit body lies in smart food you take. When you think about mental health, it is very […]

Now It’s Easy To Build Muscles And Burn Fats Are you worried due to excessive body fats? Do you want to build muscles? Bulgy body fats are very stubborn that you cannot reduce easily by controlling your diet or with a general exercise routine. Similarly, building muscles is not so simple and needs a lot […]

An Iranian born young businessman has now been well known for his various businesses. He is accompanied by few worlds rated companies. A well know herbal cigarette manufacturer and/or an entrepreneur for another few companies has been successfully doing the business from last 15 Yrs. During all these years, he travelled across the globe and […]

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Recently veteran reporter Mike Hughes , apparently working on your behalf of several publications, published a piece online in the Lansing Journal entitled “TV gets Persian Reality Check in ‘Shahs of Sunset.’ In that piece he describes me as having been married to Ms. Asa Soltan Rahamti(currently starring in said show).

This is an outright falsehood and I am not now nor have I ever been married to this person.

You can read the letter from my attorney (below) here which includes a demand for immediate retraction which they seem to be oblivious to.

Shah’s Of Sunset Retraction Request Legal Letter

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