Gurus advocate that they “know” and this “knowledge” is the drug they sell to their minions and seekers. When you relinquish the drug of “knowing” and become comfortable with “not knowing,” you enter into The Darkness and, in effect, kill your guru. Taking a leap into The Darkness is not a bad thing! In doing so, you reaffirm that you are the ultimate source and that no guru can ever know more than you know about you.

In this riveting documentary, filmmaker Shaahin Cheyene explores the mysteries of 2012. This extraordinary film contains a rare and never before seen interviews with renowned Aztec medicine man Ehekateotl, about the true meaning of 2012.

2012 Prophecy explores the truth, lies, myths and possibilities that surround this date. Learn from the source and find how you can discover what you can do to not only survive in challenging times, but to thrive. Contains interviews with experts like Shaahin Cheyene and Daniel Pinchbeck.

We all lie like hell. It wears us out. It’s the major source of human stress. Lying kills people. Brad Blanton Radical Honesty The second part of the spiritual Discipline of Darkness is that of brutal honesty. I strongly recommend the book Radical Honesty: How to Transform Your Life by Telling the Truth by Brad […]

How adaptable will you be to


The massive quake tears down buildings and bridges and rips open highways in Chile capital Santiago and Concepcion. The death toll is expected to rise. As the world is changing, where will you be?

No life ever grows great until it is focused, dedicated and disciplined. 2009 seems to have been a fairly unfocused year for many, yours truly included. I woke up New Years day at some ungodly hour thinking obsessively about all the unfinished projects on my plate. Then, as if in a sudden flash it came […]