Gurus advocate that they “know” and this “knowledge” is the drug they sell to their minions and seekers. When you relinquish the drug of “knowing” and become comfortable with “not knowing,” you enter into The Darkness and, in effect, kill your guru. Taking a leap into The Darkness is not a bad thing! In doing so, you reaffirm that you are the ultimate source and that no guru can ever know more than you know about you.

About 10 years ago I tried the much touted “Master Cleanse” lemonade diet. I lasted 21 days on a liquid diet of Lemonade and cayenne pepper. After much reflection I have to say that it was one of the worst ideas I have ever had.

Whole Foods “Organic” comes from China and is made to sub par standards. Amazing that the “California Blend” is MADE IN CHINA !