It is well known that smoking is dangerous to health. This warning is labeled on all cigaretteproducts. But in the wide range of cigarette products available in the market, if you arelooking for safe smoking alternatives, certainly herbal cigarettes come at the top of the list.There are many other reasons as herbal cigarettes are getting […]

We recently produced a run of organic and tobacco-free herbal cigarettes to be used in a Hollywood Film. However, we have a few hundred cartons of these herbal cigarettes left that we want to offer to our supporters.

The 100% natural herbal cigarettes are a traditional American Indian blend that also utilize some sacred Aztec plant medicines. They contain no tobacco or nicotine whatsoever. They contain traditional medicinal herbs and extracts.

As many of you are aware of, we are now in the development process of a new brand of herbal cigarettes.

It is the first line of Tobacco Free cigarettes on the market using traditional Native American,Aztec,Mayan and other plants and extracts.