Serpent and the Sun is a film that everyone  in search of healing or in the healing professions must see. It captures the authentic nature of indigenous healing practices in a way that is accessible to all. Both entertaining and informative Serpent and the Sun is a  visual and  auditory exploration of true Mayan culture. I highly recommend this film.

William Gladstone, author  The Twelve (12)

Illuminating and engaging. Cheyene intelligently describes a new paradigm extracted from the teachings of one of the last great living Aztec Medicine Men that involves the integration of ancient and modern knowledge into a new

- Daniel Pinchbeck, Author

2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl

Shaahin has accomplished the enormous task of translating the eternal truths of the healing power of darkness into a common sense, coherent weave of wisdom, stories, and the courageous plans of action of the spiritual warrior.
This book will shake the very foundation on which you stand, and this internal earthquake will plunge you into the ember seed of light/dark consciousness. Embrace the path of the unknown; in that darkness, you will find your true soul
purpose which you were born to fulfill on this planet. Darkness: The Power of Illumination will be a must read for all the people
I serve.

- Elena Avila BSN,MSN, Curandera, and Author

Woman Who Glows in the Dark

Today’s challenging times require a new understanding and relationship with the wisdom,
fertility and power of Darkness. This book opens a portal towards this realization.

- Dr. Tom Pinkson, Author

Flowers of Wiricuta – Journey to Shamanic Power

Powerful and thought-provoking, Darkness is a unique and bold approach to spiritual awakening. Drawing upon ancient Aztec traditions, Cheyene offers the reader a new way of coping with the contradictions of life, and presents an
illuminating path to personal and cosmic mastery. Darkness will entice spiritual seekers, both old and new, to take a journey they will never forget.

- Ron Scolastico, Ph.D., Author

Becoming Enlightened; Twelve Keys to Higher Consciousness