Shaahin Cheyene, writer, filmmaker, and herbalist, outlines a new and highly effective extra-strength, no-excuses, fierce, and aggressive system of self-empowerment formulated to take you out of your weak, false reality and deliver you into a true and more authentic you

From the teachings of Ehekateotl, one of the last great living medicine men from the Aztec Tetzkatlipoka Tradition of Darkness, Cheyene extracts and reveals a practical philosophy known as The Law of Opposites. It teaches that all answers are found in balancing life s opposing extremes through a discipline whose primary principle is, as Cheyene writes: The Dogma of No Dogma.

In Darkness, Cheyene challenges us to eliminate our expectations and to live at ease in a world of relentless change and chaos. By embracing The Darkness, we confront our fears and kill the dogma that deprives us, liberating us from restriction. Through The Darkness you, too, can discover The Power of Illumination..